College of Communication Graduates


Al de Lachica, Master’s, Journalism, 1992

My graduate degree has allowed me to pursue my career as a college professor. Without that experience, I would never have ventured into teaching. I love my profession and I love my chosen field of journalism. I get to teach college students every day and have fun with it. This would never have been possible without my graduate degree from The University of Texas!

Joyce Willcox, Master's, Speech Pathology, 1971

I remember receiving a graduate grant. But I was on the horns of a dilemma! I was certain that if I took that grant and got an advanced degree, I would limit my marital possibilities. This was the gospel of that time in our society. With a big gulp and much fear, I took the chance! I graduated, met the man of my dreams, and more importantly learned that the more you know, the more you know. I traveled far on that degree and both of us have enjoyed the trip!

Philip Goetz, Master's, Radio-Television-Film, 2007

I studied RTF in the College of Communication which stands for Radio, Television and Film. I don’t know anyone else who participated in R, T and F. I was a DJ at the campus radio station, KVRX.I shot two television shows while I was there as well as shot film stills and motion picture for a documentary. I wrote my masters report (pdf) on LPFM (Low Power Radio) and have my report uploaded into the FCC web site.

Yvette Scott, Master's, Organizational Communication, 1978

Dr. Martin Todaro insisted that I attend graduate school. I hadn’t thought about further education and didn’t even know how to apply or obtain financing for further schooling. With Dr. Todaro’s help . . . Read more

Richard Stevens, Doctorate, Journalism, 2004

Perhaps the greatest thrill and honor of my life was working with the late Dr. James W. Tankard while pursuing my doctorate. Jim had an unassuming . . . Read more

Sheetal Patel, Master's, Advertising, 2006

I started graduate school when I was technically a sophomore undergraduate at UT Austin. I love telling this story to people because . . . Read more

Jennifer Ransom Rice, Master's, Journalism, 2006

To finish what I started in 1993 – by earning a degree from The University of Texas – has been one of my greatest accomplishments. To follow in my dad’s footsteps as a second generation . . . Read more

Bruce Roche, Master's, Journalism, 1957

With all but thesis completed before my two years in the Army and another two years at a newspaper, I returned to Austin and The University of Texas in 1956 to complete my Master of Journalism degree. Dr. Norris G. Davis, . . . Read more

Darcy Totten, Master's, Photojournalism, 2005

My time at UT was one of the strongest periods of change in my life. I arrived, brash and sure of myself, cigarette in one hand and large black coffee in the other, ready to take the world by storm. I thought that graduate school . . . Read more

Dudley Lynch, Master's, Mass Communication, 1967

In the fall of 1965, my wife and I moved to one of the world’s most unusual communities: Los Alamos. As a press officer, one of my first assignments was to help unveil surviving prototypes . . . Read more

Kevin Pinkerton, Master's, Radio-Television-Film (Screenwriting), 2009

UT will always have a fond place in my heart, for the invaluable education I received and the friends I made. Because of UT and its stellar reputation in the film industry, I was able to make connections and have doors opened on a career that would seem impossible to most outside of Southern California or New York; Austin filmmaking is truly a force to be reckoned with, and I am proud to say I was a part of it, and The University of Texas.


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