Cora Lee Terry Gott - Master's: Botany and Bacteriology, 1942


Cora Lee Terry Gott

As told to her daughter, Diane Konen, on November 19, 2009 – Cora Lee’s 90th birthday:

In the fall semester of 1939, I began work for the master’s degree in Botany and Bacteriology. At the same time, I became a grader for a freshman botany class. That position paid $25 per month. With my first check, I went shopping and purchased a full length camel hair coat for exactly $25. I thought it was beautiful and did not regret spending a month’s salary for it. There is no need to say that this occurred during the depression.

(Note from Diane: My mom wrote this yesterday on her 90th birthday. She failed to mention that she did research for many years at both M. D. Anderson and Baylor Medical School in Houston.)


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