Daniel Laufer - Doctorate: Marketing, 2002


Daniel Laufer

Back in 2001 as a PhD student at UT, I was featured in Arete. It has been almost 10 years since that profile appeared, and a lot has happened. I have continued my research on topics related to Crisis Management, and I’ve published a number of articles in this area. My research has also generated interest outside of academia, and my commentary on issues relating to Crisis Management has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and the Associated Press. I have also been invited to teach executive seminars on the topic at major universities worldwide such as the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Hebrew University in Israel, and the State University of New York at Buffalo.

This would not have been possible without the outstanding education I received at UT. The idea to focus on issues relating to the psychology of blame in a business context resulted from a seminar I took with Bill Swann from the Psychology department. Bill Swann’s seminar about Social Psychology, combined with the outstanding courses in the Marketing department ,sparked the idea that turned into my dissertation (the impact of stereotypes on the assessment of blame during a product harm crisis). The encouragement and guidance of my advisor, Kate Gillespie, also helped turn my idea into an active and successful research stream.

I feel very fortunate to have been at UT. UT is truly one of the few great universities, with outstanding faculty in all areas of study.


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