College of Education Graduates


Shirley Hartmann, Master's, Special Education, 1986

I attended graduate school during my first 2 years of teaching.  My first two years of teaching were extremely stressful and I had a lot to learn about teaching and helping my students to be successful.  I was also only 21 when I was trying to accomplish all of this.  My graduate professors and teacher assistants kept me focused and they reminded me every day that I could do this.  These amazing teachers kept me focused and encouraged me to not give up on my goals. I did it!! I made it through my first 2 years of teaching and finished my masters degree.  Just a few years later I also became the first special education teacher in AISD to be voted Teacher of the Year at Travis High School.

Betsy Mitchell, Master's, Kinesiology & Health Education, Sports Administration, 1991

After a fulfilling swimming career, I began my quest to give back to my many mentors by becoming a coach. After six years coaching women’s swimming at Dartmouth College, . . . Read more

Deydre Teyhen, Doctorate, Kinesiology (Biomechanics), 2004

Unlike most graduate students, I had the opportunity to attend The University of Texas while serving as an Officer in the U.S. Army. The graduate faculty of the Biomechanics program . . . Read more

John Rocha, Master’s, Educational Administration, 2002

The training I received while in graduate school at UT was so rigorous and so involved that it gave me enormous confidence when I became an administrator in the Austin Independent School District. However, my confidence didn’t come from the fact that I felt smarter, it came from the fact that the Educational Administration program taught me to broaden my view as wide as possible and it expected academic excellence at all times. Because I was able to perform well in that environment, I left the UT program certain that I could face any situation with professionalism and confidence.

James Sherrill, Doctorate, Mathematics Education, 1970

I received both a master’s (1968) and a PhD (1970) from UT. My best memory is that I am an early bird and would arrive at Sutton Hall (parking right next to the entry) at 4 am each morning. Elizabeth Glenadine Gibb would arrive at 5 am. I had many wonderful conversations about mathematics education with her. She was editor of the Arithmetic Teacher and President of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and I had her undivided attention each day! I learned a lot about being a research mathematics educator out-of-class from her!

Betty Duson, Doctorate, Counseling Psychology, 1976

My grad school years meant everything to me! My goal was to remain in academia in some fashion and to maintain a private practice as well. My time at UT prepared me . . . Read more

Dan McLendon, Doctorate, Educational Administration, 1977

In 1975, mainly through the efforts of ‘The Dean of Texas Education,’ Dr. L.D. Haskew, the newly created Cooperative Superintendency Program (CSP) began with the first class of 12 highly motivated recruits from across the state. For two years, we interned during the day and took classes at night and on Saturdays. We had fun, worked hard, and even managed, somehow, to complete those dreaded dissertations. Had it not been for the CSP and the guidance of the program’s professors, many of us would not have had the career opportunities afforded us. It was an unforgettable experience; one for which I will forever be thankful for the opportunity to participate.

Peggy (Pei-Hsuan) Hsieh, Doctorate, Educational Psychology, 2004

I am proud to be a Longhorn not only because of our sports teams and victorious games, but more importantly because of the types of people UT nurtures and sends to the world. People do not question our training, our ability, or our professionalism. The faculty in the College of Education, specifically those in Educational Psychology (go Area 1), have been the most personable and most passionate about what they do. They continue to model what it takes to be a scholar and have always been available to students. I cannot thank my mentors enough for they have provided me with the best learning environments.

Janet Hood-Hanchey, Doctorate, Curriculum & Instruction, 1981

A Ph.D. from The University of Texas is the best investment I ever made. In addition to opening doors and enlarging networks, during my years in the public schools of Texas, each year's stipend . . . Read more

Christy Austin, Master's, Special Education, 2009

My special education program at UT opened my eyes to the tragedy that quality of education is not equal for all children. After graduating with a master’s degree with a special focus on multicultural education, I am now . . . Read more

Jared Stallones, Doctorate, Curriculum & Instruction, 1999

I entered UT in 1975, completed a BA in Plan II in 1979 and a social science teaching credential in 1980. When I completed the credentials . . . Read more

Robert Wright, Master's, Curriculum & Instruction, 1973

Graduate School at UT Austin gave me the opportunity to learn in a professional environment that had two things: flexibility to enable learning . . . Read more

Meredith Hodgkinson, Doctorate, Behavioral Health, 2007

I completed my BA in Studio Art at UT in 1994. I thought I had to major in something I was already good at. It didn’t occur to me that I might major in anything else. I didn’t ask, . . . Read more

Anna Escamilla, Doctorate, Rehabilitation Counseling, 2000

I have two graduate degrees from UT Austin, a Master’s in Social Work, and a PhD in Rehabilitation Counseling. It was during my doctorate studies that Dr. Jim Schwab noticed that there were discrepancies between what I exhibited in class and what I could write. Thanks to him I was able to discover that my frustrating experiences throughout school were due to learning disabilities. Through the help of many people at UT, including my counselor with the Office of Student Disabilities, I found my niche and went on to finish my degree. I am now a Director of Student Disability Services at St. Edward’s University and teaching Disability Studies. I have a way of paying back all the people who supported me in my life! Thank you to everyone!

Melba Vasquez, Doctorate, Counseling Psychology, 1978

I received an excellent education as a counseling psychologist scientist practitioner from 1974 to 1978. I was recently elected the 2011 President of the American Psychological Association (APA) . . . Read more

Timy Baranoff, Doctorate, Education (Cognitive Style), 1974

I was the first member of my family to attend college. I was able to earn three degrees at UT Austin – a BSc, MA, and PhD – with the support of and help from . . . Read more

Daphne Ray, Master's, Early Childhood Special Education, 2007

Making the decision to attend graduate school wasn’t difficult at all. I knew as a first generation college student having a bachelors degree would not . . . Read more

Bobby Ott, Doctorate, Cooperative Superintendency Program, 2003

In 2003, I became the youngest in program history to graduate from the prestigious University of Texas Cooperative Superintendency Program. Although a noteworthy . . . Read more

Marcello J. Rossano, Doctorate, College Leadership Program, 1975

Twelve days after retiring from the United States Air Force, I was fortunate to have as a mentor and advisor Dr. L .D. Haskew. He had held responsible positions at several . . . Read more

Kathy Jackson Schmidt, Doctorate, Curriculum & Instruction, 1992

As a product of Texas public schools, attending the university in my home state meant something special to me. In 1977, I left UT armed with a BS in Communication and headed to . . . Read more

Ellen Bell, Doctorate, Educational Administration, 1992

I started teaching in the Austin ISD in 1968 when my twin sister got a scholarship to the UT Journalism School.  Dr. Clyde Martin was one of my first professors . . . Read more

Laura Bozeman, Doctorate, Special Education, 1998

My preparation at UT provided a foundation that allowed me to travel to Taiwan, New Zealand, China, Australia, Scotland to help prepare teachers in the unique area of visual impairment and . . . Read more

Rian Carkhum, Master's, Higher Education Administration, 2008

I was selected by the Whitehouse to introduce President Obama on his August 9th visit to The University of Texas at Austin.  It was such an honor to represent my hometown (Detroit, Michigan), my undergraduate institution and The University of Texas. I am so thankful and grateful to be selected!

Sandra Fivecoat, Master's, Mathematics Education, 1979

THANKS to The University of Texas and an NSF funded "Women In Science" grants program, I was able to focus on mathematics education and technology, at a time when few women . . . Read more

Russell Lang, Doctorate, Special Education (Autism & Developmental), 2009

I first came to UT in 2001 as an undergraduate. I thought I wanted to major in physics, until I took my first intro to psychology class. I quickly changed my major . . . Read more


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