Edward Wiedemann - Master's: Social Enterprise, 2009


Edward Wiedemann and friends

Ever since I was first introduced to Cirque du Soleil in an undergraduate theater class, I knew that I wanted to work for them. Coming to UT made this possible.

At the Business School, we have the Plus Program. One feature of the program is the micro-consulting projects where a group of MBA students work on a project for a company.

In my case, I knew that I wanted to propose a project with Cirque. Through the arrangement of the Plus office, this became a reality. During discussions with Cirque, we agreed upon the scope of the project and the date that we would be presenting to their marketing team in Las Vegas.

In November of 2007, we presented our findings and recommendations to the marketing team, which was used in the marketing during the launch of a new show. After our presentation, they took us on a tour backstage of one of the shows, where we were able to see how everything happens along with tickets to another show that same night.

Looking back, this experience was a dream come true and I will always treasure this memory fondly.


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