Emily Bergman - Master's: Library Science, 1976


Emily Bergman

After over 32 years of working in libraries, I still feel I use my 1976 M.L.S. from The University of Texas every day of my professional life. I truly learned how to be a librarian. I have worked in an ad agency, public library, hospital, graduate school of psychology, western history museum, and now a small, highly selective, liberal arts college. I have had the opportunity to cover every field in librarianship: cataloging, reference, searching, instruction, systems, acquisitions, electronic resources, collection development and management. The UT library school had a very structured curriculum, and I only had one elective, but all that instruction prepared me to work in all kinds of libraries in all kinds of positions.

In 1975, there were few computers in libraries and certainly no Internet. I learned reference using the paper indexes and had to type catalog cards for a finalEmily Bergman project. The field has changed tremendously, and yet I have had no problem staying up with those changes, because of my preparation at UT. Cataloging rules continually change dramatically, and the structure of a catalog record is completely different, now that there are no card catalogs. No one uses paper indexes anymore. However, I learned the basics needed to transfer from print to online and from old rules and structures to new. It takes continual training, but the transition is easy with a thorough background. I feel that whatever is next in libraries, I’m ready to learn and implement it.


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