College of Engineering Graduates


Glenn Buchan, Doctorate, Mechanical Engineering, 1972

While I was working on a Ph.D. in engineering, a professor in a completely different part of the university — the Government Department — changed my life and set me on my career path. Professor James Roach taught me about international relations and national security policy. He showed me how I could help change the world. I’ve been working at doing that for nearly 40 years now, and I am not through yet.

Siddharth Pratap, Doctorate, Electrical Engineering, 1982

I graduated with my Masters in EE in 1982 and then worked for 10 years and then came back for my PhD in 1991.  Three professors influenced my education the most and they are . . . Read more

Tom Rioux, Doctorate, Transportation Engineering, 1977

I believe that I was the first PhD candidate to use the computer as a word processor to produce my dissertation in 1977.  I used the computer software Runoff on the university's DEC . . . Read more

Charles Mack, Master’s, Software Engineering, 2009

Because I went to graduate school after a few years of work experience, I think I appreciated the professors more. I’ll never forget when my Turkish friend found accolades about our current professor on a Turkish web site. I thought to myself, this is a world class university. UT has taken me to new heights. Hook ‘em!

Bruce Shearer, Master's, Mechanical Engineering, 1968

Attending grad school while the Vietnam War was at its highest activity was a real challenge! With no student deferment, I was just one signature away from being an Air Force bomber for 24 months. Guys were dropping out of grad school like flies….getting married, joining the military, getting deferred jobs. My work for the Dean’s office really allowed me to consider all the options. My master’s has been a constant source of personal satisfaction for over 40 years! Hook ‘em Horns!

Jonathan Motherwell, Master's, Geotechnical Engineering, 1976

I came to UT-Austin in August of ‘76 after graduating with my BSCE from the University of Missouri-Rolla. I almost went to the University of California-Berkeley but UT offered me . . . Read more

Steve Shahinfar, Master's, Engineering, Circuit Design, 2006

I was fortunate to have a very supportive wife and daughters. I was a full-time engineer of a high-tech company while pursuing my degree. Although I had many struggles . . . Read more

Ravindra Kovelamudi, Master’s, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, 1992

Looking back, I can clearly see that my switch/leap into the newly introduced interdisciplinary program in Manufacturing Systems has been crucial to my career success. The mix of business school and engineering programs gave me the foundation for my career in Manufacturing and Supply Chains. Thanks to the foresight of the UT grad school, these multidisciplinary skills are highly desired in the borderless business world today!

James Hu, Master's, Engineering (Electronic Material), 1978

The research and thesis I worked on concerning the Cobalt Silicide Formation between 1977-1978 was not industrialized until 20+ years later enabling the semiconductor devices to continue to shrink to sub-micron level. That shows the graduate research program at UT Austin is really advanced, before its time, so to speak.

Michael Foster, Master’s, Engineering Management, 2005

At nearly 40, I was surprised to find out I was not the oldest participant in my master’s program, but the 3rd or 4th oldest (Frank never would tell us his exact age). But taking this degree later in life really opened up doors for me that were never open when I only had my BS. It also was an amazing experience and I will always remember the fantastic professors and fellow students in my program.

Tim Taylor, Master's, Petroleum Engineering, 1972

I entered graduate school in ‘71 for the wrong reason…bad job market. It turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I fell in love with learning! Read more. . .

Nehal Desai, Master's Electrical & Computer Engineering, 1989

Let me see where do I begin? Those late nights in the lab, then going back to Jester Center and hanging out with buddies (Amy, Genese, Fabrice, Leon, Earnest) and those late late night . . . Read more

Gordon Gerson, Doctorate, Computer Science, 1971

I was able to attend UT courtesy of the United States Air Force. I had been teaching computer science at the Air Force Academy for two years. I applied for and was given two years to attend . . . Read more

Brian Zucker, Master's, Computer Engineering, 1991

Attending The University of Texas for graduate school provided me the greatest opportunity to focus in depth in the fast moving field of computer architecture and design. However, it was . . . Read more

Hector Vega-Carrillo, Doctorate, Nuclear Engineering, 2005

Being at UT helped me to fulfill one of my dreams. At that time, the environment at UT was challenging. I did lots of experiments and calculations at the Nuclear Engineering . . . Read more

Heather Meiring, Doctorate, Chemical Engineering, 2005

I entered the graduate chemical engineering program with some trepidation – I was a single mother with two job offers on the table after getting my B.S. ChE from Texas in 2001. Putting off taking a job meant . . . Read more

Chuck Sample, Master's, Engineering, 2008

I was stuck in a career without growth prospects. For several years, I sought new opportunities in vain. My Master’s in Engineering degree from UT . . . Read more


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