College of Fine Arts Graduates


George Gregory, Master’s, Music, 1962

Three amazing professors from my studies at UT Austin stay in my memory:
Gilbert Blount — early music ensemble, 
Janet McGaughey — music theory, 
Fritz Oberdoerffer — figured bass. They were the models in my own teaching for 39 years at San Antonio College.

Catherine McShane, Doctorate, Music Theory, 1995

I am a music coach and prompter at the opera house in Graz, Austria, a position that I have held for the last 23 years. The single accomplishment of which I am most proud is earning the Doctor of Philosophy in Music Theory . . . Read more

Lois (Jones) O'Leary, Master's, Creative Drama and Theatre, 1985

Being born and raised at the tip of Lake Superior, I really looked forward to beginning my graduate studies in January of 1982. To have warm weather at that time of the year, was going to be great. I left Duluth, Minnesota with the temp. at -30 degrees, and landed in Austin at +30. I was so excited. I arrived on campus, started to get settled in my dorm room, called my family to let them know I had arrived with no problems, only to look out the window in time to see the first flakes of snow slowly drift through the air outside of Jester center. I laughed until my sides hurt. So did my family on the other end of the phone line. I am happy to say, I spent many WARM/Hot wonderful days on the UT campus. Happy 100 years.

Jeri-Lynn Severance, Master's, Music Education, 1989

I attended UT after spending 4 years at a private liberal arts college in FL. So, going to UT was a big change. I studied music education and worked as a music teacher for several years. But, while I was at UT I was exposed to . . . Read more

Nancy Keller, Master's, Studio Art/Art History, 1986

I especially remember a Graduate Seminar in 1984 given by Art Professor Kelly Fearing. It was to feature lectures given by people from different Fine Art areas chosen by his students. He asked us to make . . . Read more

Karin Johnson, Master's, Music, 1992

After I got married and left New Mexico, I had the sudden urge to try graduate school. My grades were never stellar in my undergraduate career, and I knew my GRE would be horrible. Nevertheless, I started campaigning . . . Read more

William Whitener, Master's Music, 1970

I graduated with a Bachelor of Music Education from UT in January 1967. I wanted to be a band director, but felt unprepared. Not to disparage the education that I had received, I just lacked confidence. Plus, there was the Vietnam . . . Read more


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