Gabriel Fidel - Master's: Public Affairs,1993


Gabriel Fidel

I would never forget my experience at UT and the LBJ School of Public Affairs. When I decided to get my graduate education in the US and got my Fulbright Scholarship, then I had to decide on a good school that was going to fulfill my expectations. Then I applied to the LBJ School for Public Affairs.

My experience was the best I could expect. The school has the best educational quality standards, with a great combination of theory and practice. Austin is a fun city with a great quality of living and possibilities. In addition, coming from Mendoza, in west Argentina, being in Texas was a great comparative regional experience, and as we all know, “Texas is Texas” and believe me, “Mendoza is Mendoza,” so the experience was almost like being home.

Back in Argentina, after a 2 year period in Washington, D. C., I had the chance to be in the public sector, serving in our provincial government in some political appointments, then in the private sector, in managerial positions in the wine industry, and also working as a consultant.

As a conclusion, thanks UT and thanks LBJ School for giving me one of the most exciting, comprehensive and fun experiences in my life!!


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