Harold (Hal) Schmitt - Doctorate: Nuclear Physics, 1954


I was, I believe, student number 3 or 4 in a program initiated shortly after WWII, whereby a University of Texas graduate student in nuclear physics could complete course work at UT-Austin and do his doctoral dissertation work at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory. I was, and remain, enormously appreciative of this program, of the opportunities it opened, and of the start it gave me in my career. I especially appreciate the supervision and support in that period of Drs. Robert Little and Al Graves, and earlier profound influences in graduate school at UT of Drs. Darrell Hughes and Robert Nolle. After graduation in 1954 with a PhD, I went to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where I was a researcher and group leader in nuclear physics for almost 20 years, publishing over 80 scientific papers and co-founding ORTEC, Inc., a nuclear instrumentation company. I’ve retired now, having served as president of two other technology companies and having served as professor of engineering management in the graduate school of the University of Tennessee for ten years to 1999.


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