Hector Vega-Carrillo - Doctorate: Nuclear Engineering, 2005


Hector Vega-Carrillo

Being at UT helped me to fulfill one of my dreams. At that time, the environment at UT was challenging. I did lots of experiments and calculations at the Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory. Faculty members like Dr. Bernard W. Wehring, Dr. Nolan E. Hertel, Dr. Thomas Bauer, Dr. Felib Y. Iskander, Dr. N. Abdurhaman, A.J. Teachout, and Mike Krause were great mentors. The best part during my four years was the participation at the ANS conference. I worked in a small group of students of Nuclear Engineering and we won prizes for the quality of our research works, beating schools with larger Nuclear Engineering programs. Besides learning technical stuff, UT taught us to be better persons.


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