Jackson School of Geological Sciences Graduates


Charles Hoskin, Doctorate, Sedimentology, 1962

At Austin I had the marvelous good fortune of participating in the outstanding relationship between the faculty and graduate students. Among the diverse teaching faculty Drs. Stephen Clabaugh and Robert Folk used abilities that I admired and tried to copy in my working life. Stephen Clabaugh was a master of organization and clarity of presentation. Bob Folk, dubbed the Wizard of Ooze, excelled at observing nature and in using cleverly chosen examples in his teaching to focus student attention on what was significant hiding in plain sight. Any success I may have had in my work I owe to those wonderful years at UT Austin and to Drs. Clabaugh and Folk.

Tom Clark - Master's: Hydrogeology, 1972

I entered what is now the Jackson School of Geosciences after just getting married in the fall of 1969.  Cindy and I spent almost four wonderful years in Austin and I received my MA in Geology (Hydrogeology specialty) in 1972.  I came to UT with a BA in Geology from Oberlin College in Ohio (where I met Cindy) with thoughts of becoming a paleontologist. Read more . . .

Karl Warning, Master’s, Geology, 1977

The friendship of fellow Geology grad students has lasted a lifetime. A number of us meet in Austin annually to attend a UT football game and to catch up on the past year’s events. My thesis fieldwork in Mexico, mapping and interpreting Cretaceous fluvial-deltaic deposits, introduced me to a new culture and helped me to understand the complexity of dynamic depositional systems on a large scale. This work definitely benefited me in my work in the oil industry. I went on several fabulous field trips. One was to the Western Sierras of Mexico, led by Dr. Steve Clabaugh and another was to Arkansas and was led by Drs. Earle McBride (Supervisor), Robert (Luigi) Folk and John Maxwell. It rained so hard, we were flooded out of our tent on level ground!

Calixto Ramirez, Doctorate, Geological Sciences (Regional Tectonics), 1980

Certainly in Mexico, having a degree from the prestigious Department of Geological Sciences (now Jackson School of Geosciences) is a great privilege. Professors like J.C. Maxwell, S.E. Clabaugh, . . . Read more


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