Janet Hood-Hanchey - Doctorate: Curriculum & Instruction, 1981


A Ph.D. from The University of Texas is the best investment I ever made. In addition to opening doors and enlarging networks, during my years in the public schools of Texas, each year's stipend for holding the doctorate has amounted to far more than the total of all the tuition I paid; and that has remained true for over twenty-five years! This priceless treasure of doctoral education was also a bargain.

The university “had me from Hello!” I will always remember the astonishing level of customer service that existed in a university of such size. For example, when I applied, there was an employee in the graduate admissions office who called me daily in San Antonio to let me know that they were expecting my GRE scores “just any time now.” I think her name was Corrine Leffingwell; and I must have been one of hundreds, or even thousands, of graduate applicants. The same warmth was there when I turned in my dissertation a few years later. I had barely reached home when a staffer called to say, “Just wanted you to know that you can stop worrying — everything is in order regarding your dissertation, and it all looks just fine. Please come to Commencement and bring your family — we have plenty of parking!” The UT Graduate School transformed the potentially bureaucratic transactions into warmth and long-lasting affection for the university.


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