Jared Stallones - Doctorate: Curriculum & Instruction, 1999


Jared Stallones

I entered UT in 1975, completed a BA in Plan II in 1979 and a social science teaching credential in 1980. When I completed the credentials my advisor, Dr. Jo Ann Sweeney, told a group of us, “you will return for advanced degrees.” She was right. I taught high school for a few years, then started an MA. in 1984 and the Ph.D. in 1992.

The graduate program at UT provided the intellectual stimulation I needed to stay engaged in teaching and allowed me the flexibility to continue teaching high school and TA university classes while finishing my degrees.

I naturally asked Dr. Sweeney to be my dissertation advisor, but when I was one year into my research she died tragically in a freak accident. Dr. O.L. Davis took me under his wing and suggested a new research direction. His kindness and scholarly expertise were just what I needed in my despair and anxiety. The change in direction he suggested turned out to be very productive and I have generated a book and many articles as a result.

Jared StallonesThe graduate program in education shepherded me through hard times, provided excellent professional training, and opened doors that I could not have imagined when I began. I am now a professor of education at Cal Poly University in Pomona, in charge of the secondary school credential programs. I am privileged to visit schools world wide to work with teachers.

My dreams have been more than fulfilled through the opportunities provided for me by UT graduate education. That’s why I bleed burnt orange!


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