Jeri-Lynne Severance - Master's: Music Education, 1989


Jeri Severance with her children

I attended UT after spending 4 years at a private liberal arts college in FL. So, going to UT was a big change. I studied music education and worked as a music teacher for several years. But, while I was at UT I was exposed to music therapy while completing some classwork. So, now, I am a special education teacher and I can only believe that having that experience at UT made me more willing to try something new. I am very proud of being a UT grad and have served as our Orlando Chapter Texas Exes for two years. My kids wanted to go to UT on vacation this summer. So, I am including some pics with the next generation Longhorns! Happy 100th Grad School — thanks for being there for so many of us!


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