Jonathan Motherwell - Master's: Geotechnical Engineering, 1976


Jonathan Motherwell

I came to UT-Austin in August of ‘76 after graduating with my BSCE from the University of Missouri-Rolla. I almost went to the University of California-Berkeley but UT offered me a half-time research position in the CE Department which swung my car to Texas. Four key professors supported me over the next two years – Steve Wright my advisor, Roy Olson (most courses plus hiking trip to US Rockies), Lymon Reese (practical consultant) and Ken Stokoe. Ken was very helpful in helping me secure a position with D’Appolonia Engineers in Brussels and my professional career was launched (I’m still a consulting engineer 33 years onward). I also met my future wife (a music undergrad), we married in ‘78 and just celebrated 31 years together. So, UT advanced my career and my personal life!


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