Karin Johnson - Master's: Music, 1992


After I got married and left New Mexico, I had the sudden urge to try graduate school. My grades were never stellar in my undergraduate career, and I knew my GRE would be horrible. Nevertheless, I started campaigning the Department of Music. I met with Dr. Hunter March to let him know I was interested (even though I didn’t have a lot to offer!). I actually met with him more than once. I guess I bugged him enough that he admitted me into the Master of Music program. I believe that every member of the Music Faculty had my best interest at heart. They were so caring and helpful, especially Dr. Carroll Gonzo, Dr. Robert Duke, Dr. Judith Jellison. Even the administrative assistants were wonderful.

I felt so honored to be at UT. Suddenly, I felt like a “scholar”. I became immensely motivated and excited about learning. I still have that excitement. Now, several years later, I also have a master’s in Educational Administration, I’m a middle school principal, and I’m working on my PhD! I would not have accomplished these feats had the opportunities at UT not presented themselves. I am grateful that I was considered for admission not just on one test score, but on my life experiences and my desire. I am so fortunate and grateful!


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