Lynn Carter -Master's: Public Policy, 1990


I was fortunate to be one of about 7 students in Barbara Jordan’s ethics class. She was a phenomenal teacher; she did not lecture and rarely expressed her own opinions. She was adept at challenging us to think on our own and to think about all the ethical implications of various decision choices. The class was filled with intellectually stimulating discussions about philosophy and ethics.

LBJ Internship for Senator Lloyd Bentsen

Senator Bentsen had an impressive staff and I learned a lot. I also played on the Bentsen Bullets’ softball team and had an opportunity to attend concerts and visit art museums, the Smithsonian museums and Washington monuments. It was an incredible summer!

Either of the above experiences alone would have made my graduate school experience worthwhile, but these were just the highlights of many memorable educational experiences during my time at the LBJ School of Public Affairs.


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