Marcello J. Rossano - Doctorate: College Leadership Program, 1975


Twelve days after retiring from the United States Air Force, I was fortunate to have as a mentor and advisor Dr. L .D. Haskew. He had held responsible positions at several prestigious universities before coming to UT as Dean of the College of Education, and later Vice Chancellor of the UT System, and consultant to Presidents and legislators. His impact upon public education in Texas created milestones. It was my good fortune to arrive when he decided to bring his many talents to the classroom. Dr. Haskew was a perfectionist and demanded nothing less than what he believed I was capable of producing. He supervised the writing of my thesis and after each of the many consultations I would come away with the conviction that I was a brilliant idiot. My studies led to an immediate Deanship at a Community College from which I retired to become involved in community affairs. These involvements culminated in service as Mayor of Alvin, TX. I owe much of my success to one of the greatest educators Texas has ever had.


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