Marilyn Eanes - Master's: Library Science, 1984


When I decided to go to graduate school to get my master’s in library science, I was teaching full time and had a husband and two small children. In the summers, I often had to take my children with me and we would ride the shuttle bus to my classes. They referred to UT as “Mama’s school”. They also would accompany me to the library to do research. Once my small daughter needed a nap and I pushed two chairs together under the table and she slept. Unfortunately, she also snored and I saw some quizzical looks from others in the room as she was not visible. Even my husband referred to “our degree” because it was definitely a family effort. It was the smartest decision I ever made as I worked in school libraries for 25 years and felt that I made a real difference in books, reading and libraries for students. I renovated one library and opened two new ones and worked on all levels, including reference work at a junior college. It was such rewarding work and I still work occasionally even in retirement. I am so grateful to the staff when I was attending the graduate school because they encouraged me even though it was difficult to do this later in life. Hook’em Horns!


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