Mary Pat Moyer - Doctorate: Microbiology, 1981


Mary Pat Moyer
I was the first in my family to go to college and I moved from Florida to Texas in 1973 because UT Austin had an outstanding microbiology department that gave me a scholarship and in-state tuition.  I dropped out the next year because I married a man in San Antonio with 3 children and no money, so I had to work full-time to take care of my family.  In 1976 daughter Amy was born. When she was 2, I was allowed to re-enter the graduate program while still working full-time in San Antonio so I commuted about 186 miles round trip almost every day of the week. I was glad that I could get by on about 4 hours sleep! It was a tough journey but I graduated in 1981, was hired at UTHSCSA where I worked hard, became a Professor of Surgery and Microbiology in 1989 and am still adjunct faculty.

Currently, I am the CEO and Chief Science Officer of INCELL, a biotechnology company I founded in 1993. I love Texas, have worked as a tireless advocate for technology and education, co-chaired the state’s biotechnology initiative, served on the governor’s Texas Workforce Investment Council, and other community boards. I am President of the San Antonio Life Science Association (SALSA), a Fellow of the American Academy for Microbiology and an IC2 UT Austin fellow, and have been named one of the Top Ten Texas CEOs. UT provided the foundation to my life’s work and goals to bring new medical products such as non-needle vaccines, stem cells and cancer therapies, and to be a strong community activist with hope, perseverance and purpose.


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