Michiro Naito - Doctorate: Physics, 1992


Michiro Naito

I still remember my first day at UT graduate school. The head of the department gathered us in a room and told us that one third of the new graduate students would not be attending school two years after. It was a sobering speech and yet had an effect of steeling me to face what was ahead.

The Graduate School is not for the fainthearted, but for those that are willing to take on the challenge, the experience will be rich, enjoyable, and rewarding. Attaining a PhD degree in physics from UT Austin was not only a great learning experience, but also probably the best career move I had ever made. Because of my degree, I received an offer to work in one of the most prestigious financial institutions in the world, and because of my education, I did not fear the opportunities presented to me to become one of the most influential professionals in the industry. What is so good about graduate education? Well, nobody can take away what you have learned and higher skills you have acquired. And that is very nice in this age of uncertainty.


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