Nancy Keller - Master's: Studio Art, Art History, 1986


I especially remember a Graduate Seminar in 1984 given by Art Professor Kelly Fearing. It was to feature lectures given by people from different Fine Art areas chosen by his students. He asked us to make recommendations, so I asked if he could get James Michener to talk about the art collection he and Mari had donated to the university. Kelly said he would contact Michener and invite him to speak to us.

So it turned out that James Michener spoke to our Graduate Seminar about his interest in collecting Japanese art and how this grew into a collection of contemporary American artists now in the Ransom Center. I brought two of his novels with me that night” Poland,” and “Texas”. During his talk Michener mentioned that he never does book signings, but not to be discouraged, I asked him if he would make an exception and autograph my books anyway. He said he would make an exception that night because he enjoyed being there and talking to us. Apparently Kelly was the first Art Professor to request a talk about the Michener Collection. I’ll never forget that night and that wonderful class.


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