College of Natural Sciences Graduates


Ricardo Fuentes, Doctorate, Inorganic Chemistry, 1975

I graduated with a PhD in inorganic chemistry with Leon “Tom” Morgan as advisor and Nick Matwiyoff at Los Alamos National Lab. Then I was led to a postdoc with Robert Barker at Michigan State University, then a wonderful stint at Dow Chemical’s Louisiana Division (77-91) and then Dow Central Research and Development (91-97) and culminating with my current and probably final Dow job in Corporate Venture Capital (98 – ??). Now I am Dow’s Global Life Science Investor for Life Science and Agritech. Love the job and thanks to UT for training me and positioning me for these unforeseen yet awesome opportunities!!

Robert Reynolds, Doctorate, Physics, 1960

After completing an experimental MA project with W. W. Robertson in 1958 in spectroscopic analysis of the effect of high pressure on a mixture of molecular fluids, I began a dissertation project . . . Read more

Donald Horney, Doctorate, Biochemistry, 1967

I entered graduate school at UT Austin as a teaching assistant in 1962 after the kind chairman of the admissions committee at Northwestern University told me that if I made a good adjustment to graduate school, . . . Read more

Cora Lee Terry Gott, Master's, Botany and Bacteriology, 1942

In the fall semester of 1939, I began work for the master’s degree in Botany and Bacteriology. At the same time, I became a grader for a freshman botany class. That position paid $25 per month. With my first check, . . . Read more

Nell Dale, Doctorate, Computer Sciences, 1972

As often happened, I was the only female in this particular class. When it came time for teaching evaluations, I was in a quandary. Did I just not fill one out? Do so, but give myself away? I cheated: I checked “male”on the evaluation form. Fortunately, girls today do not have to face that dilemma in the sciences–or do they?

Charles Maddin, Doctorate, Chemistry, 1953

My favorite memory related to studying for an exam in Advanced Inorganic Chemistry ahead of the 1950 UT-SMU game which featured Doak Walker, ’49 Heisman trophy winner. The Horns won and UT declared Monday a holiday. My test was scheduled for that day and I took it. Professor George Watt was fuming mad because many took the holiday. He informed us that holidays declared by UT did not apply to the Graduate School and once he scheduled an exam that only God could change it. I was thankful that I did not have to take the make-up exam.

Harold (Hal) Schmitt, Doctorate, Nuclear Physics, 1954

I was, I believe, student number 3 or 4 in a program initiated shortly after WWII, whereby a University of Texas graduate student in nuclear physics could complete course work at UT-Austin and do his doctoral dissertation work at . . . Read more

Mary Pat Moyer, Doctorate, Microbiology, 1981

I was the first in my family to go to college and I moved from Florida to Texas in 1973 because UT Austin had an outstanding microbiology department that gave me a scholarship and . . . Read more

Michiro Naito, Doctorate, Physics, 1992

I still remember my first day at UT graduate school. The head of the department gathered us in a room and told us that one third of the new graduate students would not be attending school two years after. Read more

Michael Brody, Doctorate, Zoology/Ecology, 1980

After finishing my PhD I began a career in environmental protection with the federal government, primarily with the Environmental Protection Agency. But what I would like to share is some volunteer work . . . Read more

Charles Roberson, Doctorate, Physics, 1971

I have often thought that one of the luckiest things that have ever happened to me was when the Chairman of the Physics Department at The University of Texas told me they had lost my application . . . Read more

Patsy Harrison, Master's, Human Development & Family Science (Child Development), 1979

I was fortunate to be chosen as an Intern for the Language/Learning Disabilities program at the Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children in Dallas. My training included diagnostic testing, development and implementation of individualized programs for 2 pre-school aged children, and participation in the Infant Stimulation Program. My experiences with the children, their families, and the hospital were some of the best of my life. They influenced my lifelong volunteering/donations with various children's charities. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my grandparents were major donors of the hospital.


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