Nehal Desai - Master's: Electrical & Computer Engineering, 1989


Nehal Desai

Let me see where do I begin? Those late nights in the lab, then going back to Jester Center and hanging out with buddies (Amy, Genese, Fabrice, Leon, Earnest) and those late late night tequilas with worms; sleep at 3-4 am after a few Mexican wines and tequilas, then wake up by 9 am for that CS class and homework; then sign up for lunch at the Jester Center Cafeteria but really eat lunch at that $3.99 all you can eat Chinese buffet; then head back and get some work done; and then the cycle starts all over again and of course those late night burgers at Burger King on Guadalupe and those delicious lattes at the Guadalupe coffee shop and of course sunsets at Lake Austin and lazy summers writing up your thesis project amongst friends from Jester Center. Who can forget all those memories?

All in all a great school with great times and wonderfully warm memories. All my UT buddies are amongst my closest friends and 3 cheers for UT Austin! Go Longhorns!


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