School of Nursing Graduates


Sharon Rogers, Doctorate, Nursing (Holistic Adult Health), 2002

Alexa Stuifbergen, Helen Erickson, and LaVerne Gallman all had a tremendous impact on my life. Alexa provided opportunities to participate in nursing research. Helen helped me think about more effective ways of providing nursing care. LaVerne mentored me throughout my entire nursing career - from 1962 until I defended my dissertation in 2002. Quite a legacy!!!

Veronica Walker, Master's, Nursing (Psychiatric Nursing), 1984

When I was in graduate school, my teachers told me that having an MSN would empower me to have wonderful employment and a lifestyle that was coveted by my peers. I found so many doors opened to me as a result of my Master’s in Nursing. I was able to accept employment in positions that I enjoyed and that taught me so much. Read more


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