Pam Higgins - Master's: Finance, 1979


We were an odd group, me, Lee A., and Pam G. There weren’t many women in the MBA program then, (I only went because Austin was too nice a place to leave in the mid 70’s and with a Plan II degree, I was sure I wouldn’t have to work too hard in the business school — I was so wrong, but that’s another story). The three of us, Pam, Pam and Lee, generally finished in the top of our classes, so we naturally worked together on a group project. Then we had the “great” idea of beginning our presentation with a video (fairly exotic at the time) of ourselves with Dean Kozmetsky. It turned into “George’s Angels” receiving our assignments. I wish I had that video today, I’m sure we’d all enjoy the laugh. The Dean was a good sport and a little bit of a ham! We got an A, and all went on to successful careers, two bankers and a CPA — no world saving, but perhaps we paved the way for some others.


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