School of Pharmacy Graduates


Vijaya Henry, Master's, Pharmacy Administration, 1992

I entered the Pharmacy Administration Graduate School Program in the fall of 1990 after I received my B.S. in Pharmacy from UT that spring. It was my 2-year post graduate investment in myself and my career. I also completed a pharmacy residency in Houston, TX the year before I received my M.S. in Pharmacy Administration. Read more

Robert K. O'Leary, Doctorate, Pharmacy (Toxicology), 1969

In February 1965, Dr. John Autian, Professor of Pharmacy unexpectedly visited me at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Brooklyn, New York to tell me that as a recent Notre Dame chemist I was formulating toxic plastics used for medical devices. I visited his Drug-Plastics Research and Toxicology Labs at The UT College of Pharmacy to validate if he was correct. He was. I quit my chemist position in Pfizer Research and Development . . . Read more

Larry Guerrero, Doctorate, Pharmacy, 2005

At age 50 and with a BS in Pharmacy, I decided to jump back in to the learning arena to keep current with the ever growing medical field of Pharmacy.  It was a very impressive program and being a graduate of the University of Houston, I now bleed a rusty orange - Go Longhorns.


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