LBJ School of Public Affairs Graduates


Janet Spirer, Master’s, Public Affairs, 1974

Attending the LBJ School directly after graduating from college provided me with the knowledge and skills I needed to embark on my professional career – culminating in becoming a professor and owning my own consulting business.

Genie Nyer, Master's, Public Affairs (Health policy), 1995

I had always wanted to go to graduate school but marriage, children, and job responsibilities always trumped my priorities until I turned 40. When I finally started at age 41, I was terrified, but quickly became totally immersed in the process and LOVED all aspects of it. Going to graduate school later in life gave me a mid-career lift that has opened up tremendous opportunities. I now have my own consulting business and am still going strong 15 years later.

Joe Joseph, Master's, Public Affairs (Municipal Management), 1962

I received my BSEE in 1950. After bouncing around a few times and being somewhat successful as a branch manager for Johns-Manville Corporation, I took an interest in city management and enrolled at the . . . Read more

Gabriel Fidel, Master's, Public Affairs, 1993

I would never forget my experience at UT and the LBJ School of Public Affairs. When I decided to get my graduate education in the US and got my Fulbright Scholarship, then I had to decide . . . Read more

Lynn Carter, Master's, Public Policy, 1990

I was fortunate to be one of about 7 students in Barbara Jordan’s ethics class. She was a phenomenal teacher; she did not lecture and rarely expressed her own opinions. She was adept at challenging us . . . Read more

Geraldine Conrad, Master's, Public Policy, 1972

I earned two Master’s in Austin, both of immense personal value but not market-driven! I returned in 1970 to join the first class at the LBJ School after previously earning an MA in American Civilization, . . . Read more

Oladimeji Mosadomi, Master’s, Urban and State Affairs, 2007

My public affairs degree has opened more doors than I ever thought existed. I have had numerous opportunities to fuse my work experience with my background and education to impact serious change around the nation. Given the direction of The University of Texas, my degree is worth more and more each day.

Lester Harris, Master's, Public Affairs, 1998

My time at graduate school at UT Austin remains as one of the pinnacles of my life.  Coming from a small school for undergraduate studies to a large school with such a prestigious reputation and vast resources for my graduate work, allowed me to grow in ways – academically, professionally and personally – I never imagined were possible.  To this day, my Masters from UT Austin has opened doors for me that I’m certain would not have been opened if I had not gone to such a highly regarded university.  I truly feel as if I am indebted to UT for a great number of things – including any success that I’ve had in my career and a large part of my development as a person.  Hook ‘Em!!


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