Robert K. O'Leary - Doctorate: Pharmacy (Toxicology), 1969


In February 1965, Dr. John Autian, Professor of Pharmacy unexpectedly visited me at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Brooklyn, New York to tell me that as a recent Notre Dame Chemist I was formulating toxic plastics used for medical devices. I visited his Drug-Plastics Research and Toxicology Labs at The UT College of Pharmacy to validate if he was correct. He was. I quit my chemist position in Pfizer Research and Development and became his graduate student. After my master’s and PhD, I went on to become a Research and Development executive for firms like Johnson & Johnson and ultimately created 37 patents in Tissue Banking and Agricultural Crop Protection. I formed my own company called TRANS/SCITECH, Inc. and won the Thomas Edison Award for my discovery of GRAFTON - a bone fracture healing sterile paste.

Dr. Autian continued his long-term relationship with me as a consultant as I co-created companies like Biosearch, Inc, Hydromer, Inc. and Osteotech, Inc. Without Dr. Autian’s guidance I would still be working on plastic formulations as a chemist for Pfizer. Thanks John!!!


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