Russell Lang - Doctorate: Special Education (Autism & Developmental), 2009


I first came to UT in 2001 as an undergraduate. I thought I wanted to major in physics, until I took my first intro to psychology class. I quickly changed my major and never looked back. After my first semester I was "hooked". My professors had instilled in me a fascination for human behavior. After I completed my undergraduate work, I applied to the Special Education Department's Autism and Developmental Disability program. I wanted to learn to treat the challenging and sometimes dangerous behaviors often found in children with autism. I eventually earned my masters and doctorate in that area. I am now an assistant professor at Texas State University conducting research towards improving behavioral interventions for children with autism through our Clinic for Autism Research Evaluation and Support (CARES). I owe this success to the support and guidance of my adviser (Dr. Mark O'Reilly) and to the other faculty in the department of Special Education. I was very prepared to start my career and, I am truly grateful for the very valuable mentoring and instruction I received.


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