Sheetal Patel - Master's: Advertising, 2006


Sheetal Patel

I started graduate school when I was technically a sophomore undergraduate at UT Austin. I love telling this story to people because their jaws drop. But that’s the thing about UT. Most of the stories I have from there make jaws drop because UT has so many special opportunities just waiting to be grabbed. I took advantage of select admissions, which allowed me to complete both my undergraduate and graduate work at the same time. If it was not for the wonderful professors in the advertising program, I would not be currently obtaining my Ph.D. or had the many job opportunities offered to me both abroad and in the U.S. Thanks to Dr. Drumwright and Dr. Stout, I have worked on public health campaigns, international advertising campaigns, and nonprofit communications.

UT was not only about the academic experience, but also the school spirit. I remember the tremendous speakers that came to Austin that as a graduate student I was able to hear, such as former President Clinton and Stan Lee. No one can forget a stadium full of Longhorn fans. My husband is now a convert. The diversity of interests and people is what makes UT a great academic environment and graduate school experience.


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