Teresa Musgrove Gibson - Master's: Library Science, 1984


Teresa Musgrove Gibson

I majored in accounting at UT for my bachelor’s degree. My classes regularly had 300+ students in attendance. While I enjoyed my studies, I missed having the ability to engage in discussions with the professor and my peers, which is impossible in large classes. Not long after I graduated, I applied to the UT Graduate School of Library and Information Science (now the iSchool) to study what I loved–reading and disseminating information. The classes were very small (10-15 students), which allowed for the lively discussions which I had felt lacking in my undergraduate studies. I especially treasured the “true life” stories my professors told–Professors Whitten, Jackson, Herring, and Davis–their personal reflections on their careers taught us so much about our profession. These memories I hold dear to me and my graduate school experience was one of the best educational experiences of my life.


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