Vijaya Henry - Master's: Pharmacy Administration, 1992


I entered the Pharmacy Administration Graduate School Program in the fall of 1990 after I received my B.S. in Pharmacy from UT that spring. It was my 2-year post graduate investment in myself and my career. I also completed a pharmacy residency in Houston, TX the year before I received my M.S. in Pharmacy Administration. I knew that to advance in my career as a pharmacist, I needed to have a post-graduate degree and additional experiential training that would prepare me for pharmacy management. The Pharmacy Administration graduate school program at UT’s College of Pharmacy in Austin was one of the most prestigious programs in the nation and still is today. My graduate school experience was fantastic!! I received a first-rate education while I worked as a relief pharmacist for Eckerd Drugs and as a Teaching Assistant for the undergraduate pharmacy practice lab. My major professor, Karen Rascati, PhD, was a tremendous mentor and helped me accomplish my goals in 2 years. I received my M.S. in Pharmacy Administration in 1992 and immediately landed a pharmacy management position at a local hospital in Houston, TX. A few years later, my graduate degree also qualified me to interview with Pfizer as part of an elite group of pharmacists responsible for disease state education and outcomes research. Pharmacy is a small world and a few of my classmates who were in graduate school at the same time now work with me at Pfizer. I am very proud to be a Longhorn and to have received my B.S. and M.S. degrees from The University of Texas. Hook ‘Em!!


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