William Whitener - Master's: Music, 1970


I graduated with a Bachelor of Music Education from UT in January 1967. I wanted to be a band director, but felt unprepared. Not to disparage the education that I had received, I just lacked confidence. Plus, there was the Vietnam war in the background.
So I applied for graduate school and was accepted right away, entering in January 1967. I intended to earn a Master’s degree in Music Education within 16 months. However, that September, the US Draft Board notified me that I was to report for a physical in anticipation of entering the armed forces! I reported, and failed the physical! I was elated!! After that, I took my time with the degree. Virtually every course that I took instilled confidence and assurance in myself through interactions between me and my professors, and classmates as well. I graduated in January 1970, then spent the next several months working at odd jobs and searching for a band director position. In August, I headed for Anchorage, Alaska, to begin teaching there. And that was the beginning of another story!


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