Yvette Scott - Master's: Organizational Communication, 1978


Dr. Martin Todaro insisted that I attend graduate school. I hadn’t thought about further education and didn’t even know how to apply or obtain financing for further schooling. With Dr. Todaro’s help as graduate adviser and my thesis director, I graduated and have pursued dual careers managing a communications division at a nonprofit association and teaching at a community college at night. No matter what anyone says, if you don’t have a professor inspiring you and working to help you make a difference, you won’t succeed. Dr. Todaro opened my eyes to a wonderful changing world and to unlimited possibilities. I didn’t just want to write this short tribute to him; I needed to write to say thank you to a man who cared about all his students …and to thank all the other caring professors who helped me and other students through: Dr. Robert Hopper, Dr. Whitehead, and Dr. Robert C. Jeffrey.


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