Cooperative Arrangements with Other Texas Institutions


A cooperative arrangement between The University of Texas System and The Texas A&M University System allows a graduate student at one institution to use unique facilities or courses at the other institution with a minimum of paperwork.  The graduate student registers and pays fees at the home institution and may retain any fellowship or financial assistance awarded by it.  Space must be readily available, and the instructor or laboratory director of the proposed work must consent to the arrangement.   Approval must be given by the graduate dean of each institution.

A similar arrangement among component institutions of The University of Texas System has also been authorized by the chancellor and the Board of Regents.

For details about cooperative programs, consult the director of Student Services in the Graduate School (512) 471-4511.  The application form for the Cooperative/Consortium Program (.pdf) may be obtained online or from the Graduate School, Main Building 101.

Instructions For Completing the Application and Reporting Form for the Cooperative Consortium Program


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