Independent Study and Research


Students may register for International Independent Study and Research (ISR) if they are conducting research or studying independently abroad.  The student must submit an application for ISR to the Study Abroad Office (SAO) and must complete all requirements for application prior to the first class day of any long semester or the second class day during summer. Enrollment requires the approval of the student's faculty sponsor, the program graduate adviser, and the Study Abroad Office.  The approval may cover up to four consecutive long-session semesters and contiguous summer sessions.  A fee is assessed students for registering for International Independent Study and Research.  The fee amount will be included beginning with the 2007-2008 General Information Catalog under Study Abroad.

Students enrolled in independent study and research are considered full time students.  When it is determined that a doctoral candidate is eligible for International Independent Study and Research, their registration in ISR satisfies the continuous registration requirement for doctoral students in candidacy.

Please visit the ISR Web site for more information regarding the program.


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