Readmission for Graduate Students


Graduate students who have a break in attendance for one long semester or more must apply for readmission by completing the online Application for Readmission available at Students must submit this Application for Readmission to GIAC by the deadlines listed below. Students who do not have an approved leave of absence on file must pay a readmission fee at the time the application is submitted. For more information see Leaves of Absence.

Leaves of absence for graduate students in doctoral candidacy are granted only for rare and unusual circumstances.

The graduate adviser or his or her representative will receive an electronic worksheet for the applicant seeking readmission. The graduate adviser may place conditions on the readmission or deny it. Students applying for readmission are notified by an official readmission application letter from the Associate Director of Admissions of the graduate program's decision to admit or deny. The graduate adviser is responsible for notifying the student of conditions placed on readmission.

Students who left in a warning status must have the approval of the graduate dean to return. The graduate adviser may submit a petition via the electronic worksheet to the graduate dean. The graduate adviser may specify special conditions or requirements. Special attention should be paid to doctoral students who had been admitted to candidacy. The adviser should notify the Graduate School regarding the status of the dissertation committee, age of the course work, any conditions to be placed and means of monitoring progress.

The deadlines for submission of the Application for Readmission are May 1 for the summer session; August 1 for the fall semester; and December 1 for the spring semester.

Doctoral candidates who fail to register continuously and who have not been granted a leave of absence must be readmitted to candidacy as well as to the graduate program. The Graduate Studies Committee and the graduate dean must approve readmission to candidacy and may impose additional course work for the program of work.

Students who wish to change to another graduate program upon their return must file an application for Changing to Another Graduate Major with the Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC).


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