Academic Grievances

  • A graduate student has the right to seek redress of any grievance related to his or her academic affairs.
  • If at all possible, students are encouraged to settle grievances at the departmental level.  When serious issues cannot be resolved informally and within the department, the graduate student will have recourse to a formal grievance procedure within the Graduate School.
  • To begin the formal academic grievance process, a graduate student may file a written grievance with the Graduate School.  Academic issues that have been addressed through the formal grievance process include, but are not limited to:
    • program termination
    • changes in supervising committee membership
    • adherence to program degree requirements
  • Students filing grievances are protected from program recrimination.
  • Due process in the conduct of a formal grievance may require an extended review period.
  • The formal grievance process is outlined in Chapter 1, Section 2d of the Handbook of Operating Procedures.
  • Please note:  Grade disputes are to be filed with the department offering the course in question, and the dean of the college or school offering the course makes the final decision on an appeal of the departmental ruling.  Grievances concerning any form of discrimination are to be filed with the Office of the Dean of Students.
  • Nonacademic grievances should NOT be submitted to the Graduate School.  Nonacademic grievances that are submitted to this office will be referred to the appropriate university administrative office, normally the Office of the Dean of Students, Office of Human Resources, or the dean's office of the college/school in which the incident of grievance occurred.

For additional information, please contact:

John Dalton, Assistant Dean


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