Ethics Training


The University of Texas at Austin is committed to the highest standards of ethics and compliance with applicable laws, policies and regulations. Ethical conduct and compliance are personal responsibilities, and each person should be accountable for his and her conduct and decision making. All graduate students should review requirements for training and approvals that must be completed based on their research or their employment at the university.

If you hold a position as a TA, RA, AI or another position on The University of Texas at Austin campus or the JJ Pickle Research Campus, the State of Texas wants you to uphold certain ethical behaviors. Graduate student employees are essential members of the university community who are assigned duties in the classroom and the laboratory as part of their educational experience.  In these capacities they work closely with other students and staff and, at times, even find themselves in supervisory positions -- especially over undergraduate students.  Like other university employees, graduate students assigned these roles are required to be aware of, and in compliance with, state law and university policy on equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment. When you receive an appointment at the university you will be notified of the ethics modules required for your position as a university employee. Read about and log in to the Compliance Training System. You may also view the References and Resources list compiled to assist you in navigating your way through compliance and ethics issues in the workplace.

Faiure to comply with laws, rules, or ethical lapses can jeopardize our ability to meet the mission of The University of Texas at Austin. The University of Texas at Austin is a state agency, and although our funding comes from a variety of sources, as a state agency we must be accountable to the State of Texas, and ultimately the people of Texas, to be good stewards of our resources. Completing all training applicable to your status can be viewed as a means of avoiding problems and as a way to demonstrate our commitment to higher ethical standards.

Please review the links on the left for Sexual Harrassment, Academic Integrity, Human Subjects, and Animal Research to complete training on ethical standards that may be required of you during your graduate studies.


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