Animal Research


As a student researcher, you may be called upon to study animals in a laboratory setting. It is important to understand your ethical responsibility as a member of the university and as a professional. The ethical treatment of animals is critical to effective and responsible science. At The University of Texas the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) oversees the application process, sets requirements for the Mandatory Training for Working with Animals, and inspects facilities and reviews animal research programs at the university.

The Animal Resources Center, or ARC, is located at 2701 Speedway. It is responsible for all animal laboratory investigations and their associated husbandry and veterinary needs. They have established a comprehensive program to insure the ethical treatment of animals involved in research.

The Animal Resource Center, as well as professional organizations, exist to provide guidelines for the ethical treatment of animals in research. Principal Investigators and their assistants must be familiar with the policies of the ARC as well as any standards set by professional and academic organizations. Before beginning research studies, you are required to attend on-campus training supplemented by professional guidebooks and online materials.


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