Student Harassment and Sexual Harassment


The University of Texas at Austin has made a commitment to provide an environment conducive to scholarship and research. This includes protection from inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature as well as other forms of harassment. All students should understand their rights and responsibilities in the event they feel the boundaries of appropriate behavior are being crossed. The university administration takes the rights of students seriously and is committed to providing an environment that is free from misconduct.

Students should read about sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and other forms of harassment and learn how this conduct is defined. A student who has been subjected to any type of harassment may bring a complaint concerning that conduct to the Dean of Students Office.

Required Sexual Harassment Module for Student Employees

Students employed in student academic titles will be required to complete the mandatory online modules on equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment that are part of the Office of Human Resources Compliance Training. When appointed students will receive a notice that they must complete the training at


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