Human Research


The Office of Research Support (ORS) oversees requirements, training and approval for research involving human subjects through its Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB is responsible for conducting review and providing oversight for all research activities involving human subjects that fall under the purview of The University of Texas at Austin. Every student, faculty, and staff member who wishes to study with human participants needs approval before the work begins. Your primary responsibility is to protect your human subjects and the data gathered. The ethical guidelines set by the university will help you provide the appropriate protection for your subjects and produce respectable scientific data.

The ORS website has information about their office, the IRB application process, consent requirements, forms you are required to complete and the IRB Policies and Procedures manual which contains current policies and procedures that reflect new standards, regulations and university policy about human subjects research.

Training is required for all faculty, faculty mentors, researchers and students who plan to conduct human subject research at the university and training. The link below will take you to the ORS site where you can complete the required training as well as find everything you need to complete the IRB process.

Welcome to Human Subjects Research and IRB

Graduate School Requirements for IRB Paperwork

When you have completed your dissertation and are preparing to submit your documents to the Graduate School you will also be required to complete the form "Statement of Research with Human Participants." This form must be completed whether you did or did not use human subjects in your research. If you did use human subjects, you will also be required to submit a copy of your original IRB approval form along with the above form to the Graduate School.


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