Ombuds Offices

The ombuds offices were established to provide students, staff, and faculty
with a prompt and professional way to help resolve conflicts and address concerns.


How We Operate

We are members of the International Ombudsman Association (IOA). All offices operate consistent with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the IOA. The ombuds offices help the University uphold the institutional core values and honor code.


Confidential   We will not identify you or discuss your particular concerns with anyone without your permission. Exception is taken when we believe that disclosure is necessary to address imminent risk of serious harm.

Neutral   We advocate for fair processes, consider the rights and interest of all parties, and do not take sides.

Informal   We are an off-the-record, voluntary resource. Contacting our office does not provide notice to the University.

Independent   The Ombuds exercises autonomy regarding responsibilities. The office is independent and is situated outside of the University’s normal administrative structure to better ensure impartiality.