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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Research pioneers

New posters were recently installed in the display windows on the first floor of the Main Building on The University of Texas at Austin campus.

They focus on four University of Texas at Austin researchers who made significant discoveries and brought new understanding to long-standing questions in their fields.

They are Hermann J. Muller, Linda Schele, Esmond Snell and Americo Paredes.

The poster with this post is about Schele, who studied the Mayan civilization of Central America.

Take a walk though the Main Building to get the full effect of it and the other posters. Tillie Policastro and David Holston from the university’s Design Center did the layout and design.

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2 Comments to "Research pioneers"

1.  Marilyn Harris says

I saw the posters, and they look great. I wondered about the Americo Paredes poster, though, because many aspects of Paredes’ scholarship are mentioned in the TEXT of that poster, but music is NOT mentioned as a subject of his research in the TEXT of that poster. The photography/illustrations on the poster are almost exclusively musical, however (guitar, music notation, etc.). I happen to know his son Vince Paredes, who was a band director at my high school, and I do think Americo Paredes studied music as a subject fairly extensively, even though it is not mentioned in the text of the poster. When I did a search for Paredes on the UT Online database, I found that OPA was supposed to be maintaining a new website in Paredes’ honor, but I could not find that website. Is there a link somewhere to the website for Paredes, and does anyone know whether Paredes had a particular focus on music as an area of cultural research (perhaps that is why the illustrations on his poster are musical)? Thanks, Marilyn Harris

November 25, 2008


2.  Tim Green says


Thanks for your comment. Music of the Mexico-United States border was, indeed, part of Americo Paredes’ studies. The Web site about him is at

The poster about Paredes has been added to the Research Pioneers posting.

Tim Green

December 1, 2008


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