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Friday, May 7, 2010

Spotlight on “fantastic” computational biology

It’s been 44 years since “Fantastic Voyage.” That’s the movie in which Raquel Welch and a team of scientists were shrunk to a microscopic size and injected into a man’s bloodstream.

We still can’t do that, but we can model what’s happening inside the human body–and other living things–using powerful computers like the ones at the Texas Advanced Computing Center.

The work of some of the researchers who use the center’s resources to study biology is highlighted on the TACC website.

The scientists use advanced computing to model life’s basic processes and interpret massive amounts of data toward the eventual end of improving human health.

The stories are:

In Search of Tomorrow’s Cures

Catching Evolution in Action

Blueprint for the Affordable Genome

Planting Seeds for a Fertile Future

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» Spotlight on “fantastic” computational biology



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