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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shorter workweek? More take it easy than taking care of business

Imagine what it would be like to shave 10 hours from your workweek. How would you make the most out of your free time? Would you tackle that home improvement project? Attend to that pile of laundry? Or take a nap in the backyard hammock?

Economics Professor Dan Hamermesh.

Economics Professor Dan Hamermesh.

According to a new economics study, co-authored by Daniel Hamermesh, professor of economics at The University of Texas at Austin, people are more likely to put those household chores aside and practice
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Consumers are Wary of Green Products, but Unwilling to Admit It, Say Researchers

People say they want to buy 'green' products, but don't necessarily do it, Texas business professors found.

People say they want to buy ‘green’ products, but don’t necessarily do it, Texas business professors found.

I know I’ve done this:

I’ve looked at cleaning products on the shelf at Target or Walmart and seen the ones with natural ingredients. And I’ve wondered, “Can they really get the job done? Can they get stains out as well as chemicals engineered for that very purpose?”

I usually pull the usual “industry strength” cleanser off the shelf, put it in the cart and
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Friday, September 4, 2009

Assessing the economy on Labor Day

Daniel Hamermesh

Daniel Hamermesh

Prof. Daniel Hamermersh, a professor in the Department of Economic, manages to use a bit of biology to explain the impact of long-term unemployment on the economy in an interview on the College of Liberal Arts Web site.

Do you expect the trend toward long-term unemployment to continue?

My guess is the percentage of long-term unemployment will keep on rising for a while. While the recession bottoms out it takes a while for people to get hired again. It’s like a rat
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