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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting Started: Biologist John Wallingford

Biologist John Wallingford

Biologist John Wallingford

In the Getting Started series, Further Findings highlights the paths that some researchers at The University of Texas at Austin took to the laboratory, the library, the field—wherever they do their work.

Biologist John Wallingford’s early interest in science was nurtured by a teacher.

“Alice Kagi,” he says. “She was just fantastic. She was so enthusiastic and so excited.”

Wallingford, an associate professor in the Section of Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology at The University of Texas at Austin, had Kagi for seventh
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Friday, June 5, 2009

A lab’s (musical) notes

John Wallingford

John Wallingford

The new Neko Case, vintage Jimi Hendrix, the Black Keys and the polyester-clad classic “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack.

An iPod playlist gone rogue?

No, it’s the soundtrack of John Wallingford’s developmental biology laboratory on a typically eclectic day.

“My philosophy is to make a lab a very fun place because I need my people to be here all the time,” he says.

Music is a key ingredient in lab fun. It helps the students stay alive while doing painstaking bench work.

“You’re going to
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