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Friday, April 15, 2011

Undergrads do research

Psychology undergraduate Martinique Jones has conducted research in Houston schools.

Psychology undergraduate Martinique Jones has conducted research in Houston schools.

We put the spotlight on several undergraduates who conduct research to mark Research Week, which was April 11-15.

Check out their stories on the Know Web site.

Martinique Jones
Major: Psychology
Research Topic: The African American Dream: A Progressive Discussion of Academic Achievement in African American Students

Margaret Sanders
Major: Plan II and Psychology
Research Topic: The Effect of Categorization on Judgments of Paintings

Zachary Garber
Major: Government
Research Topic: William Lauder’s Impact on the History of Barbados

Jose Ybarra
Major: Human Biology
Research Topic:
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Physics and psychology: Acts of creation

Steven Weinberg at Google

Steven Weinberg at Google

From coast to coast, University of Texas at Austin researchers are talking about their research–and their recently published books. Two recent talks are available on the Internet.

Steven Weinberg, the physicist, spoke at Google headquarters in California recently. His talk about his book, “Lake Views: The World and the Universe,” is posted on authors@google on YouTube.

David Buss, an evolutionary psychologist, spoke at the American Natural History Museum. His topic, Why Humans Have Sex. The talk is posted as a
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Research round up for fall 2009

Why women have sex. Why some ants don’t. Is your online personality the real you? What do bats sing about to each other? Who’s that new meat-eater shaking up the dinosaur family tree? Do toddlers make their own grammar?

These are among the questions that University of Texas at Austin researchers answered in the fall 2009 semester.

Here’s a look back at what they found.

Women and sex: Let me count the whys
Challenging the idea that women’s sexual motivations are tied exclusively to
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Friday, December 11, 2009

Shedding light on blackouts

Kim Fromme, psychology professor

Kim Fromme, psychology professor

Blacking out is one of the more immediate and dire consequences of drinking to excess.

Blacked-out drinkers might not remember whom they were with, what they said or what they did, leading to embarrassing, if not dangerous, situations.

Psychology Professor Kim Fromme’s lab is one of the few in the country to research blackouts. She studies drinking among college students.

I interviewed Fromme for an article about alcoholism and addiction research at the university. That article focused on another part of her
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Belly up to the lab

Prof. Kim Fromme in the Bar Lab.

Prof. Kim Fromme in the Bar Lab.

You go to a bar on Austin’s Sixth Street to see and be seen. You go to the Bar Lab to be watched. You go to both to drink.

The Bar Lab is exactly that: A bar laboratory. It’s where Kim Fromme, a professor in the Department of Psychology, and her students conduct research on college students and drinking.

It looks like a small neighborhood bar might look if it was staffed with a cleaning crew
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Spring 2009 discoveries revisited

The spring 2009 semester has ended and that’s a good time to take another look at some of the research that came out of University of Texas at Austin labs in the past few months.

Here’s a roundup of some of the more interesting discoveries in exercise, psychology, business and statistics.

Add crunch to your post workout recovery

In a study of well-trained cyclists, exercise physiologist Lynne Kammer found that a bowl of whole grain cereal is as good as a sports drink
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